SleepMed website

Solving America's
sleep problem

Project Challenge


SleepMed is committed to improving the health and quality of life of those who suffer from sleep disorders, while raising awareness about the benefits of healthy sleep. The largest private sleep diagnostics provider approached us with a request to redesign their existing website: to refresh it visually as well as to reorganize a large amount of content to fit the company's business goals and users needs.

Content Strategy


After thorough research and analysis we started off by streamlining content for each target customer group according to their needs. Home page is set to triage users by customer type & needs and intuitive navigation was based upon defined user flows.

Contemporary and clean with a right balance between healthcare and corporate message, SleepMed's new website uses more graphics, iconography and rich media. UX and user flows were grounded in a sales-based approach with a repeating vertical structure and a modular construction wich helps guide the user through to relevant information.


Given that around 70% of users that land on SleepMed's website do so using a mobile device, special attention was given to keeping the flow, look and feel and show all the necessary content even on smallest of screens.